Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In My Mailbox (and on my hard drive)

Never thought I'd get enough books in a short enough span of time to justify doing one of these, but here I am!

First off, the thing I'm most excited about is the ARC for Beautiful Darkness that I got from a Goodreads swap!

I'm going to hold off on reading it for a little while-- I have a few more books I want to read and reviews to write, including the ones below.

I signed up for NetGalley and got digital copies of Majix: Notes from a Serious Teen Witch by Dougas Rees, and Manifest by Artist Arthur (who has an amazing name!)  Alas, nothing really pretty to see here, but have a screengrab (the covers are in my Currently Reading widget anyway):

Oh noes!  Only 52 days left!  Manifest comes out next week, so I think I want to have that one done by then.  Majix is already out, so it can wait (if that makes any sense!)

And finally, I got the new Kindle app for my Droid, and while it will probably be a while before I read a whole book off of it, it is great for sampling preview chapters that I can then decide whether to buy and read on my Kindle for PC (still won't get a real Kindle device until they have color-- it's the comics nerd in me).  And while I did find a bunch of books that I want to read and review, so far I only bought one, Her Wiccan, Wiccan Ways by Traci Hall.

Yeah, that is a tiny cover for the reading area, but whatever.  I'm really excited to read this for a kind of dorky reason-- it's published by Samhain Publishing, a small press publisher, and I am passionate about supporting small press and indie authors.  I'm just glad there are people like Alex out there reminding me to actually live up to it sometimes!


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