Friday, July 30, 2010

Hop and Follow! Plus In My Mailbox!

Book Blogger Hop
It's Friday already!  And I've done almost no reading this week which I am more upset about than is perhaps reasonable, if only because I hate having two of these posts in a row-- I like my variety!  So anyway, I'm making this a combo-Friday hop'n'follow and an In My Mailbox.  But first!  The question of the week.


This feels like such a cop-out because they wrote the last book I reviewed, but Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl!  Basically all of the reasons can be found in my review of Beautiful Creatures .

Now my IMM:

Petty Magic by Camille DeAngelis.  This is an ARC that Random House's Read It Forward program sent to me after finding me on Twitter!  It's not YA, and it's not contemporary (which is what I lean towards here) but I had to read it once they pitched it to me.  It's about a 150-year-old witch during WWII who entertains herself by de-aging herself and seducing young mortal men for one-night stands.  But then she finds one who reminds her of the love of her life who may or may not be dead behind enemy lines.  I love WWII stories, and  to have one with witches is so fantastic!
In the Land of Winter by Richard Grant.  Picked this up from BookMooch.  Again, not YA, but it is contemporary.  It's about a Wiccan mother who has her child taken away from her due to a combination of bigotry and panic over "ritual abuse."  Stories about religious persecution, especially when it happens in less obvious contexts (The Five Paths is my favorite Circle of Three book, go figure).

Anyway, these books are just a small part of my acknowledging that there a limited amount of Witchy YA books, so I am plenty prepared to start branching out into adult, MG and children's books too!


  1. Hello, I found you via the book hop. I'm loving your blog so far. Have a wonderful weekend full of tons of reading time :)

    I also love Beautiful Creatures!


  2. Hi!!!!! I'm a new follower--Just found you through the blogger hop!!! Looks like a fun blog--I haven't seen many witchy books in a while, and they always used to be my favorites, so glad to find you!!!--I used to love the Secret Circle by L.J. Smith, and the Sweep series by Cate Tiernan--And I totally loved Beautiful Creatures--Can't wait to see more!!! :) Happy Friday!!!!


  3. Hello, new follower here from the blog hop. I really like your reviews, I'm glad I found you on here. I've always enjoyed witchy books.

    Hope you'll stop by one of both of my blogs and check us out too!


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