Thursday, February 18, 2010

Welcome to the Witchy Books Network!

Do you love paranormal young adult fiction, but frequently find the heroines, er, lacking? Are you tired of stories where a paper-thin damsel-in-distress waits around for her super-powered boyfriend to get her out of scrapes? Do you miss the YA heroines of yesteryear who had their own superpowers, who could hold their own in a fight, who were in control of their own destinies? Want to find out where they are today?

Spurred to action in part by own musings on the subject, and most recently by this post by the hilarious agent's-assistant-in-the-know, The Rejectionist, I decided to start this blogsite that celebrates the proactive heroines in YA fiction who so often tend to be of the witchy variety.

And because the site is called the Witchy Books Network, it means that the books I review aren't strictly just about witches-- psychics, telekinetics, any girl with magical powers will do. (However, not faeries-- I love faeries and their kick-ass adventures too, but they could only be done justice by having their own site)

So sit back and let me take you through the magical world of chicks with a knack for the Craft!
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