Saturday, March 27, 2010

Comics News

In addition to our first Super-Witch Profile, we've got some news in the world of witchy comics.

Zenescope Entertainment has released the solicits for the first Charmed comics they're releasing in June, including an "issue 0" sourcebook, which will serve as a link between the TV show and the comics.  Still no exact release dates, but they should be coming soon.

And DC has released some preview art for the first issue of Zatanna, about their resident witch/stage-magician.  Her Super-Witch Profile will be up before the series launches, so keep checking back!

Over on DC's The Source blog, editor Rachel Gluckstern talks with writer Rex Ogle and artist Ted Naifeh about their upcoming co-feature, The Coven, starring Super-Witches Black Alice and Traci 13 (profiles forthcoming for them as wel!)  Their story begins in Teen Titans #83, out May 26th!

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