Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Charmed" comics on the way...

I'm working on getting a good chunk of reviews done before I start posting them pretty regularly instead of waiting to be done reading each book, but until then, there's no reason not to keep up with the news!

Comic book publisher Zenescope has announced that they have obtained the rights to publish comics based on the witchy TV series that ran 1998-2006.  Zenescope is better known for their "cheesecakey" Grimm's Fairy Tales, but they still have a sizeable female audience, making them a good fit for one of the most successful female-led TV series.

The comics will be co-written by Charmed novelist Paul Ruditis and Zenescope writer Raven Gregory.  Artist Dave Hoover will be drawing the interiors.  Zenescope expects to have a preview #0 issue out in June and to debut the first issue at Comic-Con International in San Diego in late July.

More details can be found at Comic Book Resources.

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